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A Gentle & Quiet Spirit
- Revised and Updated -

Note from Virginia Lefler

After 51 years of marriage and continuing to dig deeper in my understanding of a gentle and quiet spirit, I have updated this book to include more of my discoveries. I’ve also added Bible meditations on spiritual beauty, strength and peace. My own practice of meditation has helped me move my knowledge of God from my head to my heart. It is my hope that these Bible meditations will give you new insights into God’s heart and help you to draw closer to him as you study A Gentle & Quiet Spirit.

Many Christian women face a dilemma in embracing the biblical teaching in 1 Peter 3:4 about a gentle and quiet spirit being of great worth to God. They want to please God but they perceive “gentle” and “quiet” as weak or passive qualities. The truth is that the original text describes a strong and peaceful woman. Find out how to become this woman who is of great worth to God.


“Virginia is completely vulnerable in the candor of her personal examples, completely practi­cal in addressing the issues and attitudes faced by most wives, and completely spiritual in her solutions from the Bible. I needed this book; I think every Christian wife does!”

– Linda Brumley, Women’s Ministry Leader

“I thought I knew all the things the bible had to say about this subject and she takes it to a whole new level using the Greek word meanings to clarify the concept. I would strongly recommend this book for all women of all ages!”

– M.E. Knudson, Reviewer, 5 Loaves and 2 Fish

What's it About?

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God’s word calls us to meditate, contemplate, ponder, and reflect. The purpose of Bible meditation and mindfulness is to draw closer to God, to renew your mind, to gain insights into the scriptures, and to strengthen your faith. Bible Meditation & Mindfulness will help you connect more deeply with God.

Discover 6 steps found in the Bible that can guide you in meaningful meditation. These are simple steps that anyone can do. Bible meditation is a life-changing spiritual discipline that can bless your walk with God in many ways.

Free Resources Available

  • Facilitator’s guide for small groups
  • Facilitator’s guide for retreats
  • 30 short meditations
  • 21 meditations for teens
  • 7 meditations on peace

The Bible Meditation & Mindfulness book and journal are available on For free resources and guided meditations visit

Spiritual Discovery

What's it About?

Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth is a Bible study to help you identify and overcome unhealthy patterns that lead to discouragement, disconnection, disengagement, codependency, bad habits and addictions. This life-changing study can help you to overcome old patterns and to connect more deeply with God. 

It is suitable for Bible study groups and Christian recovery groups, and includes discussion questions and homework. It is available in paperback, Kindle, and as an online course.

Free Resources Available

  • Facilitator’s guide for Bible study groups
  • Facilitator’s guide for recovery groups
  • Facilitator’s guide for the online course
  • Journal outlines in five different formats
  • Artwork of the 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth

My Spiritual Discovery Online Course

What's it About?

This online course is a video version of Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth. It is ideal for visual learners.

The course consists of 31 videos and 15 downloadable documents to enhance your learning experience. You can preview lessons 1 and 2 on our course website This course can help you to overcome old patterns and connect more deeply with God.

Free Resources Available

  • Downloadable documents and charts.
  • A Facilitator’s guide for small groups.
  • Artwork of the 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth.

What's it About?

To find real strength and be secure in our world, we must know and embrace God’s timeless standards for purity. Pursuing Purity and Spiritual Beauty is a beauty treatment of the soul for every woman, no matter her age, background or marital status. Worksheets throughout the book make it especially useful as a personal or group study guide.

Free Resources Available

  • Preview of Chapter 1
  • Women’s Group Study Guide
  • Mother-Daughter Group Study Guide
  • Campus & Teen Group Study Guide


What a lovely book. We used this book as a mother and teen daughter class at church. It created great discussion – W. Sherrill


Perfect timing! I love this book. I want to study it with the women in my church. I love the order it is written in. I found with every chapter another layer of the heart is exposed right to the very center of the heart. I think the world, entertainment, fashion industry, etc., have really lulled us into compromising a lot. I know of times where I would really be bothered by things on T.V., and have even compromised my convictions thinking that maybe I’m just too old school. Thank you for waking me up!!!! – A.R.

What's it About?

Descriptions of God’s grace often do more to muddy the water than clarify its meaning. The words grace, mercy and forgiveness are used like synonyms. Frequently, grace is described as “unmerited favor.” However, when we focus on how unworthy we are to receive it, we make grace more about us than about God.

The Complete Guide to Grace clears up misconceptions about God’s grace and reveals truths that will give you a new perspective of the blessings and challenges of life. A better understanding grace will help you connect more deeply with God.

Free Resources Available

  • Three-Part Grace Study
  • Article: “Grace – Unmerited or Un-imaginable?”
  • Article: “What is the Difference Between Grace and Mercy?”

La Descripción

Como Cristianos, podemos luchar una y otra vez con lo mismo, sin darnos cuenta de que nuestra lucha está enraizada en lo que creemos sobre nosotros mismos, Dios u otros. Nuestras creencias profundamente arraigadas pueden ser en realidad mentiras que aceptamos como verdad en algún momento de nuestro pasado. Estas mentiras pueden convertirse en fortalezas en nuestras vidas y llevar al desaliento, a la desconexión, la codependencia, los malos hábitos y las adicciones. Si no estás consciente de que tu lucha está enraizada en una mentira que crees, tienes que tratar de manejar los efectos de la mentira y lidiar con las consecuencias cada vez que resurge. La lucha continúa porque estás tratando los síntomas, no la causa raíz. Además, si una mentira ha distorsionado tu visión de Dios, será menos probable que recurras a él en busca de ayuda.

Descubrimiento Espiritual es un estudio bíblico para ayudarte a identificar lo que crees y a descubrir la verdad que demolerá fortalezas en tu vida. Aprenderás 7 Principios para el Crecimiento Espiritual que te ayudarán a romper tus patrones insalubres.

Recursos para Descubrimiento Espiritual

  • Descubrimiento Espiritual Guía del Facilitador
  • La Meditación Cristiana

Esquemas para Diarios de Descubrimiento Espiritual

Los cinco esquemas para diarios están disponibles como descargas gratuitas para la tarea opcional en la Lección 15 de Descubrimiento Espiritual. Haga clic en el enlace para abrir el PDF.

  • Malos Hábitos y Adicciones
  • Adicciones a los Alimentos / Comer en Exceso
  • Relaciones Complicadas
  • Un Problema de Ira
  • Una Mentalidad de Victima

La Descripción

Muchas mujeres Cristianas enfrentan el dilema de abrazar las enseñanzas bíblicas referentes a un espíritu suave y apacible. Desean agradar a Dios, pero perciben las cualidades “suave” y “apacible” como débiles o pasivas. La verdad es que el texto original en el Griego describe a una mujer fuerte y llena de paz, y la palabra traducida “mucho valor” significa lo máximo o el límite con referencia a un precio. En otras palabras, no hay nada más valuable para Dios. Este libro te dará una nueva perspectiva y enseñanzas muy valuables de cómo convertirte en esta mujer fuerte de paz interna. Hay veinte y cinco hojas de trabajo a través del libro que lo hacen excepcionalmente fácil de usar para estudio personal o como un guía para estudiarse en grupo.

Recursos para Un Espíritu Suave y Apacible

  • Un Espíritu Suave y Apacible Guía del Facilitador
  • Un Espirtu Suave y Apacible – capitulo 1


“Virginia es completamente vulnerable en el candor de sus ejemplos personales, completamente practica en lidiar con los temas y actitudes que enfrentan muchas esposas, y completamente espiritual en sus soluciones tomadas de la Biblia. Yo necesito este libro; pienso que toda esposa Cristiana lo necesita!”

– Linda Brumley, Dirigente de Ministerio de Mujeres

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