Bible Meditation & Mindfulness

Lighting the Way to a Deeper Relationship with God


Would it surprise you to learn that the Bible teaches and encourages Christians to meditate? Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God’s word calls us to meditate, contemplate, and reflect. The purpose of Bible meditation & mindfulness is to draw closer to God, to fall more in love with him, and to see spiritual truths that can help you win your spiritual battles.

Discover 6 simple steps found in the Bible that can lead you in meaningful Bible meditation. These steps are like looking at a beautiful gemstone from different angles. With each step, you have an opportunity to see something new and beautiful and to connect more deeply with God.

Format: 6 x 9″ paperback and hardcover with 120 pages and Kindle.

A companion journal that includes the 6 steps for Bible Meditation and 60 suggested meditations is also available.


Part 1 - What the Bible Says About Meditation

Chapter 1 – Meditation, an Ancient Practice from God
Chapter 2 – Why Christians Should Meditate
Chapter 3 – Meditation to Know God
Chapter 4 – Six Steps for Bible Meditation
Chapter 5 – A Sample Meditation
Chapter 6 – Overcoming Distractions
Chapter 7 – Living in Mindfulness

Part 2 - Meditations

Chapter 8 – Meditations on Jesus
Chapter 9 – Meditations on God
Chapter 10 – Meditations on The Holy Spirit
Chapter 11 – Meditations on Love
Chapter 12 – Meditations on God’s Protection
Chapter 13 – Meditations on Prayer
Chapter 14 – Meditations on Overcoming Fear

Author: Virginia Lefler