Online Courses from Silverday Press

My Spiritual Discovery Online Course

What's it About?

This online course is video version of  Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth. The course consists of 31 videos and 15 downloadable documents. On the course website you can preview lessons 1 and 2, view the table of contents, read testimonials and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Free Resources Available

  • Facilitator’s guide for small groups.
  • Artwork of the 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth.
  • Journal outlines in five different formats.

"The Cycle"

This video illustrates how we can get stuck in a cycle of sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or shame, and how we can break our unhealthy patterns.

Coming Soon - Bible Meditation Course

What's it About

Meditation is an ancient practice that can help you gain insights into the scriptures, strengthen your faith and draw closer to God. This course will cover:

  • What the Bible says about meditation in the Old and New Testaments;
  • Examples of people in the Bible who practiced meditation; and
  • 6 steps found in the Bible that can guide you in meaningful meditations.