A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

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Many Christian women face a dilemma in embracing the biblical teaching in 1 Peter 3:4 about a gentle and quiet spirit being of great worth to God. They want to please God but they perceive “gentle” and “quiet” as weak or passive qualities. The truth is that the original text describes a strong and peaceful woman, and the word translated “great worth” means the very end or limit with reference to value. In other words, there is nothing more valuable to God than a gentle and quiet spirit. A Gentle and Quiet Spirit will give you a new perspective and some valuable lessons in how to become this strong woman with inner peace. 

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A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

This book will give you a new perspective and some valuable lessons on how to become this strong woman with inner peace. Twenty-five worksheets throughout the book make it especially useful as a personal or group study guide.

Table of Contents
  • Romeo and Juliete – Without Poison
  • Chapter 1 – A New Perspective
  • Chapter 2 – A New Heart
  • Chapter 3 – Fear of Submission
  • Chapter 4 – Sarah’s Daughters
  • Chapter 5 – Why Me?
  • Chapter 6 – Self-Evaluation
  • Chapter 7 – When it Hurts
  • Chapter 8 – Happily Ever After

“In A Gentle and Quiet Spirit Virginia is completely vulnerable in the candor of her personal examples, completely practical in addressing the issues and attitudes faced by most wives, and completely spiritual in her solutions from the Bible. I needed this book: I think every Christian wife does!” — Linda Brumley, Women’s Ministry Leader

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3 reviews for A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

  1. A Customer

    A Great Book on Marriage and Other Relationships. Wow–this tiny book (141 pages) packs a powerful punch! The author, an elder’s wife, uses Scripture, personal examples, and worksheets to help readers see the true condition of their spirits. She also teaches the meanings behind the words of several key Bible passages as they apply to our relationships with others so that we can apply those passages properly. Although this book is very helpful in dealing with the marriage relationship, I find it to be convicting as I examine my relationships with other women, as well. More than once, the teachings it presents have stopped me from reacting to a situation and making it worse! Ms. Lefler does a great job of not being preachy or condescending; she simply comes across as a friend who cares and wants to help you have a spirit that (as the subtitle says) is “of great worth to God”.

  2. Pamela E. O’donnell

    Amazing!!! What an amazing book! It was as if Virgina had been in my marriage since day one! She was able to touch on fears and desires of the average woman and was then able to calm our anxious hearts and help us move on, not only through her words, but through the scriptures. I have to confess that at times it was hard to read, because I was convicted by my attitudes and my behavior toward my husband. But I kept going back to the book, it drew me in. I am forever thankful for Ms Lefler and her wisdom. I am sure that my husband and family are grateful as well.

  3. Spesh

    Wish I had this before I got married. I was reading a borrowed one, but had to buy one for myself, so that I could mark it up! Love it!

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