The Complete Guide to Grace

The Complete Guide to Grace

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A clear understanding of God’s grace is empowering, but explanations of grace often do more to muddy the water than clarity its meaning. The words grace, mercy and salvation are used interchangeably. Frequently, grace is defined as unmerited favor. However, when we focus on how unworthy we are to receive it, we make grace more about us than about God. The Complete Guide to Grace clears up misconceptions about God’s grace and reveals truths about grace, mercy and forgiveness that will give you a new perspective of the blessings and challenges of life. With God’s grace, you can accomplish things you could never do on your own–and likely would not even attempt!

Worksheets throughout the book make it useful as a personal or group study guide.

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-Table of Contents-

  • Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness
  • Grace in the Old Testament
  • By the Grace of God: Noah & Gideon
  • Paul: A Lesson in Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness
  • Grace, Faith & Obedience
  • Grace and the Law
  • The Throne of Grace
  • Grace Teaches us to Say “No”
  • God’s Grace is Enough
  • The Favor to Suffer
  • Be Strong in the Grace
  • Administering God’s Grace
  • The Effect of Grace

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3 reviews for The Complete Guide to Grace

  1. Ann D.

    Great Book! I always thought that I understood God’s grace, but this book opened my eyes in so many ways. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Gr8ful

    A MUST READ if you want to understand and appreciate God more!!! Lefler’s insights corrected many of my own misunderstandings of God and His grace. Consequently, my relationship with God and my family have been changed dramatically. Through an obviously thorough study of the Greek and Hebrew (regarding grace, mercy and forgiveness) and personal life examples, he presents God and His grace in a way easily grasped. My biggest take away was to focus less on my inadequacy and more on God’s favor. This has given me freedom to appreciate God and His glory making my worship deeper and more fulfilling. Thank you Jim. To God be the glory!

  3. Mr Dale Bowley

    A very good book that includes the Greek and Hebrew words and their definitions/synonyms that elude to 3 words that shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Grace, mercy and forgiveness. Thank you so very much Mr Lefler.

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