Pursuing Purity & Spiritual Beauty

A Beauty Treatment for the Soul


Learning how to purify your thoughts, motives, heart and choices is a great blessing. Yet, in a world of declining standards, purity is seldom honored or pursued. In fact, many women believe that a worldly woman is strong and secure while a woman who strives for purity and strength from God is naive and vulnerable. Nothing could be further from the truth. A worldly woman is more hardened than strong and her security depends mostly on the day’s events. To find real strength and be secure in our world, we must know and embrace God’s timeless standards for purity.

Pursuing Purity and Spiritual Beauty is a beauty treatment of the soul of every woman, no matter her age, background or marital status. Discover for yourself the beauty, power and privilege of purity.

Worksheets throughout the book make it especially useful as a personal or group study guide. 

Format: 6 x 9″ paperback with 136 pages. Available in paperback and Kindle.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Privilege of Purity
Chapter 2 – The Beauty of Purity
Chapter 3 – Spiritual Adornment
Chapter 4 – Modesty and Decorum
Chapter 5 – Decency and Propriety
Chapter 6 – Motives of the Heart
Chapter 7 – Pure Entertainment
Chapter 8 – Sexual Purity
Chapter 9 – Pure Thoughts
Chapter 10 – Pure Words
Chapter 11 – A Pure Heart
Chapter 12 – Protecting Our Daughters

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Author: Virginia Lefler

Reader Comments

I have taken this book and studied some of its chapters with a small group of teenage girls. It has opened-up great discussions on how the world wants to pull us away from God’s plan for us. I love how Virginia takes us back to the Greek translations and I have surely grabbed many deep spiritual nuggets from this book. I would highly recommend this to every Christian woman. C. Ammons


Wonderful insight. – R. Gichuhi

As always, Virginia Lefler is thorough, clear, full of revelation… She writes so beautifully, and it’s an absolute delight and blessing to read her work! I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, like her previous (A Gentle and Quiet Spirit). I truly await more books from her by God’s grace. – Audrey


An excellent book for any woman with a serious desire to be pure before God- written by a woman who truly lives the example. Thanks. – T. Perkins

This book covered so much more than the obvious topic of sexuality: it went much deeper to what we as women really can let into our hearts. I had never stopped and asked myself how much time I spent during a day thinking about things that were not “good.” Personally, it helped me make a decision to stop watching so much TV, especially shows that focus on graphic violence, and sexual assualt against women. The book showed me how important it was for me to protect my heart, told me where to find the power to change, and has helped me find more peace in my walk with God. – S. Beerhorst