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I’ve heard so many women say how they dream of writing a book. That has never been my dream, yet I’m on my 4th one. Silverday Press began in 2000 when my friend, Kelly Cochrane, urged me to write a book on a topic I had been studying for a couple of years – a gentle and quiet spirit.  I had no idea how to write a book much less publish it, but with the help of my super talented husband and a lot of hard work, I was able to accomplish both.

There were a few bumps along the way. I threw away the first manuscript 3 times. Yes, 3 times. I felt like a hypocrite and did not feel like I should write about something I was not living. I found myself in an intense spiritual battle. After each of these occasions, God would help me get back to the task. Once a distraught friend stopped by unexpectedly and poured out her heart about her troubled marriage. I shared with her the principles I had been trying to write about. Later, she told me how much it helped. I looked up to heaven and said, “All right, I’ll get back to work.” So, I began again.

My approach to writing has been to write as if I am sitting across the kitchen table from my friend. I am not a trained writer, but I love digging deep into the Bible in my personal studies. My books are a result of those studies.

I have repeatedly said, “I won’t write any more books, but here I am in the middle of another one. So, I don’t say that anymore. I will see where God leads me.

I’m so grateful for all the women who have encouraged me along the way. And I’m especially grateful for my friend, Kathy Heinen, one of the co-authors of Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth, who worked with me for over 2 years ironing out the principles in that book.

I love it that my spiritual battles, the losses and the victories, can help my Christian sisters fight their own spiritual battles more effectively. To God be the glory!

With love,

Virginia Lefler

Jim & Virginia Lefler

Writing books and developing resources for Christians has been an important part of our ministry for over 20 years. But we never began a Bible study on a particular topic with a goal of writing a book. We were seeking God’s wisdom to meet a need in our own lives or wanted to know how to help someone else. We love bringing the Bible to life and making it practical for our everyday lives. Creating Silverday Press was our way to multiply our efforts and share what we learn with Christians around the world that we likely will never know.

A Gentle & Quiet Spirit: When I discovered that a gentle and quiet spirit describes a strong and peaceful woman rather than a weak one, I was delighted. I had been married over 25 years, and I still knew very little about these qualities. But I learned to pursue and embrace this spirit in my marriage and have enjoyed many blessings as a result of it. I pray that A Gentle & Quiet Spirit will help you become this strong woman with inner peace. — Virginia Lefler

The Complete Guide to Grace: When I asked my Christian friends: “What’s the difference between grace, mercy and forgiveness?” Most said “I don’t know. What is the difference?” I didn’t know either! Answering that question was my favorite study for 7-years. I wrote this book to share what I learned with my friends. It radically changed how I view God. He is closer, more patient and more involved in my daily activities than I ever imagined. I hope you have the same experience! — Jim Lefler

Pursuing Purity and Spiritual Beauty: This book is a beauty treatment for your soul, no matter how old you are. Learning how to purify your thoughts, motives, heart and choices is a great blessing. Discover for yourself the beauty, power and privilege of purity. — Virginia Lefler

Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth: Many Christians young and old in the Lord find themselves stuck in a discouraging cycle as a result of deeply held beliefs. Many of these beliefs are not true. This book grew out of a desire to develop a Bible study that would help Christians break unhealthy patterns and discover freedom, belonging, worthiness, security, hope and love.

My Spiritual Discovery Online Course is a video version of the book Spiritual Discovery – 7 Principles for Spiritual Growth. The course meets the needs of many people who learn better using a visual format. To visit the course website click here. For more information, visit the course page.